It’s Warming Up – A Spring Inspection is a Good Idea

The weather is warming up, and spring is right around the corner. It’s the start of soccer and baseball leagues, yard work, and an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without bundling up. But while you’re looking forward to summer, there’s one small thing you don’t want to forget: your car. It’s battled the winter with you, and a spring inspection is probably a good idea.

Why a Spring Inspection?

It’s been outside in the snow and rain. Your Acura has spent countless days freezing, then warming up, then freezing again. That’s not easy on you as a human, and it’s not easy on your car either. But you don’t have to wait for problems to show up this summer. You can detect any issues early with a spring inspection.

What Should a Spring Inspection Check?

A thorough mechanical inspection is the first priority. Have your suspension and steering systems looked at and the brake pads checked for thickness and operation. Get the tires rotated or, if you have winter tires, have the summer wheels installed. Oil leaks and running issues should definitely be addressed as well. But there’s more to it than that. Your Acura just pounded through icy streets for months, so a wheel alignment should be part of your spring inspection. Is the Check Engine light on? That should be diagnosed and repaired too.

What About Your Air Conditioning?

Spring is the perfect time to have your air conditioning checked. The last thing you want when summer arrives is to sweat it out inside your Acura. During a spring inspection, get your air conditioning operation checked. It might be time to have your refrigerant topped up or repairs completed to ensure you are comfortable all summer long.   Prepare for the warm weather with a spring inspection. At Jay Wolfe Acura, we’ll check over your car or SUV to make sure you are ready to handle your busy summer trouble-free.