What is AcuraLink?

The instrument cluster just displayed a service reminder. You haven’t been keeping track of your services, and you weren’t expecting that it’s time to get an oil change service on your Acura. You have a busy afternoon with a meeting at 3 o’clock. You don’t remember – is there enough gas in your Acura to get across town, or do you need to leave early to stop at the gas station? And when you’re in a part of town you aren’t familiar with, how do you know that no one is messing with your new car? The answer to all of your questions is AcuraLink.

What is AcuraLink All About?

It’s a way to seamlessly integrate your smartphone with your new Acura. AcuraLink is a convenience tech feature that connects you with your car wherever you go.
  • AcuraLink Satellite Communication allows you to wirelessly find information directly from your car through its cloud-based service.
  • While in your Acura, your phone’s music is easily accessed through the infotainment system.
  • It monitors your vehicle’s performance and advises you on how to get the most from your car.
  • You can lock or unlock your doors, or start your engine remotely the app.
  • Need your VIN number, exact mileage, or fuel level from your Acura? It’s all available in real-time on your smartphone.
  • Is your Acura due for maintenance? With the app, you’ll be advised about what’s required and can instantly book an appointment with a tap.
  AcuraLink is equipped in select 2014 and newer models so you can make the most of your Acura ownership experience. Are you curious if your Acura has AcuraLink? It’s easy to find out. If you’ve purchased an Acura with the Tech package, you have it! All it takes is a few quick steps to get started. If you need help with AcuraLink or you’d like to find a vehicle equipped with this awesome tool, we’re here for you. Visit Jay Wolfe Acura to see our wide selection of models equipped with AcuraLink technology.