What Driving Habits Annoy You?

Without a doubt, driving can be one of the most frustrating tasks in your day. At times, it seems that every other motorist on the road is out to annoy the heck out of you on purpose. And while you know in your head that it’s not the case, their bad driving habits hurt your heart. Some people can tolerate certain driving habits and annoyances more than others. And while we can all honestly admit that we are the best individual drivers on the road, we’ve all been the cause of another driver’s frustrating commute. Which driving habits annoy you the most? It’s a personal list, so I’ll go ahead and give you the top 5 things that annoy me on the road.

  1. Turning from the incorrect lane.
If I’ve encountered you doing this, odds are you’ve heard me honk at you and make big gestures. It’s a dangerous move and I’m not ashamed to let you know it. When you turn from a lane that forces you to cross another lane that has the option to continue straight, you’re begging for an accident. Don’t do this, especially not in front of me. Only turn from the outermost lanes or turning lanes marked as such.
  1. Driving under the speed limit.
Don’t you know there’s a posted speed limit for a reason? While it’s usually not illegal to drive under the speed limit, it’s one of those driving habits that can cause angst for every other motorist on the road behind you. If it’s me in your rearview mirror, you’ll see my scowl. We are not friends.
  1. Texting and driving.
Not only is it illegal, but it makes you look like you’re self-absorbed. Put down your phone. You don’t need to respond to that text message this moment. And if you do, pull over into a parking lot to do it. The penalty is usually a hefty fine from the police, and a honk and angry wave from me.
  1. Playing your music too loud.
If I’m at a stop light and I can hear your bass thumping over the sound of my own 80’s hair band cassettes, your music is cranked too high. Have a little consideration for those around you. Like, seriously — you’re probably the only one at that stoplight who still listens to Britney Spears.
  1. Not setting your cruise control.
By far, the most annoying habit is when you simply can’t drive a consistent speed. If I have to pass you while my cruise control is set, then you pass me a minute later, you’ll get a death stare from me. Luckily, most Acura vehicles have Adaptive Cruise Control. Now, I can set my cruise speed and follow at a safe distance without having to tap by brakes, then re-set my cruise control. You’ll still get that glare from me, but it won’t trouble me quite so much.