I’m Always Hearing About Powertrain – What Does it Mean?

Whether you drive an SUV like the Acura MDX or RDX or a passenger car like the Acura ILX or RLX, you’re going to come across one term that can be confusing: powertrain. You may be one of the many who don’t understand what the powertrain really is or why it’s important to know.

What is My Powertrain?

The definition, according to Google is this: pow·er train Noun The mechanism that transmits the drive from the engine of a vehicle to its axle.
    • the power train, the engine, and the axle considered collectively.
Clear as mud? Alright, let’s break it down further. It includes the necessary mechanical components to propel your vehicle. Let’s look at each one briefly:


Your Acura’s engine is the foundation for generating power. Inside, controlled explosions in the cylinders force pistons up and down, causing a crankshaft to rotate quickly. It has hundreds of moving parts that work together to produce power and torque to propel your vehicle.


The transmission is an intricate gearbox that translates the engine’s rotation into usable force. The transmission controls the power according to the input the driver selects – forward or reverse gear, or neutral or park.


Axles, also known as drive shafts, direct power from the transmission to the wheels. It can also require a differential to change the direction of the power from longitudinal to latitudinal. This is what makes the drive wheels turn.

Why is Powertrain Important?

These parts are perhaps the most crucial to your vehicle’s operation. Without them, you’re going nowhere. And if your vehicle’s powertrain isn’t working flawlessly, you could experience a breakdown. Acura vehicles have a phenomenal new vehicle warranty, covered for 4 years/50,000 miles. Acura takes it a step further, providing a 6-year/70,000-mile warranty for powertrain components. It’s because Acura is supremely confident in the quality and durability of our technology and engineering. If you experience a problem with your engine, transmission, or axle systems, it’s warrantied for a very long time. It’s just another reason to consider Acura for your next vehicle. Are you in the market for a new or used Acura? Do you have more questions about your powertrain or other Acura parts and components? Call us at Jay Wolfe Acura or drop in anytime to speak with one of our Acura professionals!