Why You Should Service at the Acura Dealer

When it’s time for your Acura’s routine maintenance, you only have to look down the street at the options available. There are Mom and Pop shops, warehouse-style service departments, quick-service lanes, and the one-stop shops. But are any of them the right place to service your Acura? Or is the Acura dealer the better choice?

Why NOT To Use The Other Guys

The family-run shop at the corner has a friendly father figure as the owner operator. He pulls the wrenches and changes your oil himself and offers you a good rate on the work. But, your Acura is a precision machine. It needs a professional touch and professional-grade equipment to keep it working at its best. The Mom and Pop shops just can’t keep up with the technology to work on every model, so your Acura won’t get the best service possible. The warehouse stores get you great deals on certain services and parts, that’s true. But those parts are often economy brands and prone to premature failure. What’s more, the services they perform aren’t specific to your Acura, and they aren’t comprehensive. They aren’t able to do everything you need to keep your Acura running strong, so you’ll need to go somewhere else as well. The quick-service shops on the street corner can get you in and out really fast for an oil change, but is it a quality oil change? Again, economy parts and fluids are used to keep costs low and profits high. And, if there are any additional services or repairs required, the inexperienced lube technicians may easily miss it as they rush through your service. The one-stop auto repair stores at least have professional technicians. They do a good job of keeping your vehicle in good shape, and usually offer a good labor rate and competitively-priced aftermarket parts. But, is it really a better price if it takes longer for the repair, or several visits to correct your issue?

Simply put, none of them know your Acura like the Acura dealer does.

At the Acura dealer, you get factory-trained technicians who know your car’s ins and outs. They know the common issues, the best way to complete a repair, and the recommended maintenance to keep your car running at its best for as long as possible. They have Acura technology for accurate diagnosis, and Genuine Acura parts for the highest quality repairs. Save your time and money. Choose your local Acura dealer — Jay Wolfe Acura — for your Acura’s service and repairs.